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Music For Percussion (Mostly)

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By Todd Hammes and his Tool and Drum Ensemble

Music for Percussion (mostly) contains a collection of compositions by percussionist and composer Todd Hammes. Solo to octet, this recording represents the new breed of American percussionist. Composing and improvising. Classically Western and global. Powerful yet sublime.

The Tool and Drum Ensemble is a collective of percussionists (mostly) who have been assembled to realize the music of Todd Hammes. These performers are classically trained chamber musicians who are chosen to contribute their own talents and identities to the music.

1. Four Movements from Remembering I  Buy MP3
2. Four Movements from Remembering II  Buy MP3
3. Four Movements from Remembering III  Buy MP3
4. Four Movements from Remembering IV  Buy MP3
5. Kalimba on Marimba  Buy MP3
6. 14+8: A Mood  Buy MP3
7. Eh Wa Ba Wa Jo  Buy MP3
8. Marimba, Pan and Tabla  Buy MP3
9. Speedway Boulevard: Tucson  Buy MP3
10. Four Steps  Buy MP3
11. Inconsistencies  Buy MP3
12. My Hunter of Dragonflies  Buy MP3


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Todd Hammes, percussion.

In his groundbreaking first commercial recording, Todd establishes his world class credentials as a composer/percussionist of vision and sensitivity, performing with mastery on nearly three dozen percussion instruments from around the globe, and setting an exceptional standard for subsequent recorded work.

“Hammes is a percussionist of immense range, with an innate sense of touch, tone and color. There’s plenty of variety and peerless virtuosity on this five-star effort. Snag it!”
Dan Buckley, The Tucson Citizen

“…evidence of Hammes’ strengths, particularly his expertise of the performance of music of non-Western cultures, his ability to use folk instruments in new and musically viable ways, and his impressive skills in improvisation.”
John R. Rausch, Percussive Notes: The Journal of the Percussive Arts Society

“…a very pleasure listening experience…I especially enjoyed the Split Silk piece and Ubi Caritas. Both of these showed a uniqueness in your musical vision.”
Glen Velez, world drummer/recording artist

1. Tucson Masala  Buy MP3
2. Father John  Buy MP3
3. Thoughts I  Buy MP3
4. Thoughts II  Buy MP3
5. Thoughts III  Buy MP3
6. Thoughts IV  Buy MP3
7. Thoughts V  Buy MP3
8. Thoughts VI  Buy MP3
9. Split Silk (with Jeff Holsen, double bass and Joseph Pagan, viola)  Buy MP3
10. Perceptions I  Buy MP3
11. Perceptions II  Buy MP3
12. Perceptions III  Buy MP3
13. Ubi Caritas  Buy MP3
14. Dharma  Buy MP3

Open Rail

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The Sonoran Consort
William Campbell – piano, keyboards and bamboo flute
Todd Hammes – percussion
Michael Hester – saxophone

In this telling second effort, the Sonoran Consort reasserts its leadership among contemporary American improvisational ensembles. Drawing even more deeply upon a seemingly endless well of creativity and virtuosity, the trio again lures listeners into the mysterious musical territory where they so confidently reside.

“…a sonic document of the trio’s creative journey…soundscapes that embody profound contentment, deep yearning, self-discovery and moments of sheer bliss.”
– Matthew Moon, The Desert Leaf

1. Open Rail/Switch  Buy MP3
2. Departure  Buy MP3
3. Wheels  Buy MP3
4. Window View  Buy MP3
5. Platform 6/Open Rail  Buy MP3
6. Calling  Buy MP3
7. Circular Motion  Buy MP3
8. Pocket Change  Buy MP3
9. Kim’s Theme  Buy MP3
10. Friday Improv. No. 1  Buy MP3
11. Suspension  Buy MP3
12. Dry Rain  Buy MP3

Sonoran Consort

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The Sonoran Consort
William Campbell – piano, keyboards and bamboo flute
Todd Hammes – percussion
Michael Hester – saxophone

An astonishing first CD by a remarkably gifted trio, this recording exhibits the dynamic, improvisationally-centered relationship of these three composer/performers.

“More and more, contemporary music ensembles and individual
performers are…freeing themselves not only to ornament and spring from the printed page, but also to broaden the sphere of reference that music draws upon. Tuscon’s Sonoran Consort is among those groups.”
Dan Buckley, Tucson Citizen

1. Calling  Buy MP3
2. Suspension  Buy MP3
3. Dragonfly  Buy MP3
4. First Light  Buy MP3
5. Wednesday  Buy MP3
6. Wandering Sky  Buy MP3
7. Running  Buy MP3
8. Tell the Moon  Buy MP3
9. Sita  Buy MP3
10. Arroyo  Buy MP3
11. Lotus  Buy MP3
12. Calling (Again)  Buy MP3